Our leader and the creative mind behind our venture is Marty Boyd.

Marty has years of invaluable management experience, most recently with the British public sector. He believes in creative and pioneering innovation. He has always cherished products and solutions that give customers an “increase” in value. He is deeply committed and passionate about providing this “increase” in value to our customers within our products and solutions. With him behind our solutions and products, you as our customer are sure to have more money in your pockets.


Sami Toussi is an experienced business strategist and motivational speaker. Sami graduated from UCLA and quickly rose through the ranks of corporate management, earning over six figures by her mid-twenties and leading an international sales team. Despite her early success her experience caused her to question the fullness and purpose of her life. Seeking answers Sami furthered delved into the coaching world and underwent training at the Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention School. Gaining board certification in 2016 Sami founded Sami Toussi Coaching International which has delivered business coaching to hundreds of clients across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Sami has a passion for business innovation, startups and sits on the consulting board at Yaxit Limited.

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